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about me

The short story of me.


I was born in Kazan, Russia.


I've loved art ever since my childhood.I studied music and became a musician,

and although I do not consider myself as a professional player anymore,

music has remained a huge part of my life. I am especially passionate about jazz.

Everything I know about harmony, balance, style, and beauty,

I learned through the study of music.


At the age of 15, I was introduced to photography, when my father gave me

my first camera, a Zenit E. The camera was heavy and loud enough

to be mistaken for a Soviet Army RPG...

It was also my father who taught me the basics of photography.

Together with him, I took my first photos and developed my first rolls of film.

The magic happened in a tiny bathroom filled with all sorts of things

unrelated to photography. I must have spent thousands

of hours in that little room!


Almost two decades ago, together with my husband, I moved to United States

and gave birth to my first daughter, Ethel Sofia.


Currently, We live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a professional freelance photographer,

making artistic portraits of private clients mostly.

 I use both, film and digital cameras.


Many of the pictures you'll find on this website

were shot with my beloved

medium-format Rolleiflex film camera with Planar 80mm lens.


 My inspirations come from many aspects of life, sometimes very drastic or even

almost unnoticeable changes in it can trigger something that will push me into creating

a photograph. Arts and music in particular, my family and friends,

my husband, and most of all from my daughters-

Ethel Sofia, Thais Michelle and a little Yael Shlomit - my muses and best models!

They give me life.

They give me love.

They are my gold, that I turn to silver.