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“Frankly, having my portrait done had been the last thing on my mind – it’s been years since my appearance kept me either mildly intrigued or remotely satisfied. In short, I’ve been busy with what one would normally consider “more important things.” The shots you see of me are a result of my being in the vicinity of the artist (and we all agree, this photographer is one) and, alright, I admit, letting my guard down. In fact, I allowed Styush and Yaroslava to mold me however they saw fit – as long as I didn’t look at the transformation in the mirror. It turned out that I liked following directions, as it was someone who’s clearly a professional and a visionary; someone with the unusual trait of seeing and pointing out to an individual the beauty within and reigniting the spark in one’s eyes so often extinguished by the years passed by.I’d also like to mention the multiple levels of the process, the one we’d call “being touched by Anastasia Chernyavsky.” She conceptualizes way in advance of the actual photo shoot, then she observes her model(s) in a natural environment, absorbing their quirks and traits while they don’t suspect it and then…imagine hearing this phrase: “I’m like a doctor, please don’t be shy around me, there is nothing I haven’t seen”. Oh well, if you can imagine that, you’re this much closer to being immortalized as an insightful and highly sexy specimen. But do not dismay, should your imagination be on a wilting side, Styush, doubling as a home-grown psychologist, will loosen you up in a jiffy.What happens later deserves if not tomes then at least an article of its own. The previously modest and unsuspecting individual gets to meet himself and learn of his or her own unforeseen qualities. Surprise, bewilderment, joy and wonder, as well as fear that no one would believe you ever again (should they ever decide to compare the original with the glamour shot) are all the byproduct of that meeting. Then, I’d strongly recommend that the artist have someone outside the studio, someone who has measured the model’s height, breadth of shoulders and the width of a smile upon the completion of the project. I’d bet you, it’s higher, broader and wider than it used to be a few hours prior. The real metamorphosis happens even later, when over the course of several days a model grows into the image captured. And here’s a radical thought: what if someone suffering from self-image problems or lack of self-esteem instead of considering counseling goes to get a head shot? Not only is that quicker and cheaper but, I suppose, also lasts oh-so-much longer!” - Yuliya Barsky

Love the photos, you do some amazing work.- Alvin Jeng

Your photos are not only amazing, but they are so open, complete and intimate, as well! You have left my eyes hungering for more of your Art!- Charlene Chi

Upon looking at your photos, I was really inspired. The pictures you capture translate a sense of reality, purity..a sense of tranquilty. I'm definitely impressed.- Lindsay Ray

WOW!!! I am soooo happy with the pics you sent through! They are amazing... I am very much looking forward to seeing them all! Thanks again.- Felicity

You are so wonderful at your craft---wonderful.- Michele Zukovsky

you are FANTASTIC! This is so exciting! Whenever you send a picture it just totally makes my day!You are so talented I can't even believe it! Alyssa Wang